Our Vision

Inspirational training for aspirational teachers
Putting the pupil at the heart of teacher training
Striving for inclusion and equality
Nurturing potential, self-belief and excellence

Every trainee at Teaching London to experience life in all its fullness, now and in the future (John 10:10)


The Teaching London partnership is the teacher training provider of the London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS). We are committed to serving the common good by providing a wealth of experience and high-quality training for every trainee, school and academy in the community. By working in partnership with schools, we support them in fostering inspirational teachers who go on to ensure all pupils and their communities can flourish.

Our team is drawn from across the education sector. We consist of outstanding practitioners, consultants, headteachers, deputy headteachers and subject leads who are working, or have worked in schools across the capital.

At Teaching London, we are committed to serving the common good of trainee teachers by providing a wealth of school based experiences and high-quality training to support their development as early career teachers. By working in close partnership with schools, we support them in fostering inspirational educational environments where all pupils can flourish.

Our vision places our values at the core of everything we do.  Our vision is brought to life through the values of: trust, justice, wisdom, respect, creativity and service. These values are embedded into the fabric of every aspect of our curriculum and training, creating a clear and distinctive ethos that underpins every thought, decision and action. Each value is modelled and demonstrated by staff through the way they act, speak to and behave towards every member of the Teaching London family. Our expectation is that our trainees and wider partnerships demonstrate our values, which are common to all faiths and those of no faith.


We aim to create a cycle of trust by promoting an environment of mutual respect and tolerance. Trainees can rely on their training and schools can rely on the trainees to persevere, develop and be committed to the learning process. Learners trust in the environments created for them to take risks without fear of judgement or persecution.


We believe that in their developing role as a teacher, trainees must address unconscious bias, develop an understanding of and demonstrate mutual respect for learners, parents/carers and colleagues, so that all their interactions and decisions are fair, reasoned, equal and balanced.


We have designed the Teaching London curriculum to enable all trainees to develop secure knowledge and an understanding of their roles and responsibilities as a teacher. We aim to enable them to motivate and inspire learners in their care, equipping them with the skills and attitudes they need to learn and flourish as valued and respected members of their communities.
We promote discursive classrooms where learners are encouraged to develop the confidence to articulate their ideas, preferences, emotions and well-being. They are encouraged to question, evaluate and value the opinions of others. This is alongside ongoing learning and the debate of key social and moral issues as they arise. We encourage learners to make considered and wise decisions about their relationships, actions and behaviour.


We expect every member of the Teaching London partnership to act with the utmost respect for all they encounter; to value and treat others with appreciation and dignity; to embrace diversity, tackling discrimination; to view themselves as learners, eliminating bias and harbouring a safe and happy environment.


We place great emphasis on the importance of a dynamic, learner-centred, inclusive approach. We value innovation, ingenuity and flair and believe that these qualities sit at the heart of the most successful lessons – where experiences are closely matched to learners’ interests, development and needs and result in the best possible outcomes.


We believe teaching is a vocation. It demands a level of commitment unlike many other careers. The success of the partnership is rooted in all members’ dedication to their role, and this is achieved through highly supportive relationships and a shared understanding of expectations. Learners are at the heart of this value.

These values impact positively on our approach to teaching and learning and lie at the centre of developing strong values, alongside a commitment to strengthening our learners’ understanding of their rights and responsibilities. These are key to nurturing and preparing our learners for their lives ahead.

We therefore embody these values, alongside our vision, to ensure that Teaching London models the behaviour and attitudes expected of our trainees and pupils. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR COURSES