Our Partner Schools across London & surrounding areas

All our schools offer the same high standards of training for the teachers of tomorrow, investing time and commitment to their progress over the academic year.

Our schools put pupils’ learning at the heart of teacher education to encourage you to become an adaptive and flexible practitioner. Visit the links below to explore these schools and find the one that best suits you.

105 Camley Street
Jubilee Waterside Centre
London, N1C 4PF

0207 387 8018

Headteacher: Vicki Briody

Provider Code: 4A2

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: N986
General Primary: V100

Church Manor Way
London, SE2 0HY

0208 317 5937

Headteacher: Rachel Ford

Provider Code: 2E2

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: R847
General Primary: 2ZQ3

Christchurch Hill
London, NW3 1JH

0207 435 1361

Headteacher: Katy Forsdyke

Provider Code: 1VM

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: N468
General Primary: 2VFB

High Street
London, TW5 9PD

0208 897 2001

Headteacher: Kevin Prunty

Provider Code: 265

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: H366
General Primary: 2Q8D

Forty Hill
Middlesex, EN2 9EY

0208 363 0760

Headteacher: Jonquil Izard

Provider Code: 2L8

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: J502
General Primary: 3B83

Rickmansworth Road
Middlesex, HA6 2RH

01923 822529

Headteacher: Daniel Norris

Provider Code: 292

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: M681
General Primary: 2VFC

Rectory Close
Middlesex, TW17 0QE

01932 563 271

Headteacher: Rachel Barton

Provider Code: 2HR

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: P513
General Primary: 3B9N

The Roundway
London, N17 7AB

0208 808 0792

Headteacher: Linda Starr

Provider Code: 29Y

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: M775
General Primary: 2VFG

Kay Road

0207 274 7012

Headteacher: Heather Coward

Provider Code: 1VA

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: C820
General Primary: 2VFD

Enford Street

0203 146 0968

Headteacher: Lee Duffy

Provider Code: 2E4

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: C817
General Primary: 2ZYR

Rectory Gardens
London, N8 7QN

0208 340 4898

Headteacher: Calvin Henry

Provider Code: 3S2

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: G156
General Primary: M226

Garnet Street
London, E1W 3QT

0207 488 3050

Headteacher: Liz Figueiredo

Provider Code: 1V1

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: P367
General Primary: 2K4V

Hilton Avenue
North Finchley
London, N12 9HB

020 8492 6000

Headteacher: Louisa Taylor

Provider Code: 19V

Tuition Fee Codes:

Early Years: Z084
General Primary: 2VR3

Unsure which school to apply to? Apply directly to us…

Provider Code:         L59
Early Years:               2C3T
General Primary:     2C3V